Plan Selection Guide

Great for business or personal use, VPS hosting empowers you with literally limitless options ranging from hosting unlimited domains to full root access to your server VPS Hosting China, VPS Hosting Hk, Hk VPS, VPS Hosting Asia

Below are some details in helping on what our cloud servers come with

Plan Features

All our Cloud Hosting VPS's come with the following list of features! Have the power of a dedicated server at the fraction of the cost!


  • Host upto unlimited domains and websites in one hosting plan
  • Manage hosting, email, applications, and unlimted databases ( MySQL/MSSQL) for all your domains in one place
  • Full Root Access and Administrator access to your server
  • Choice of Linux Operating System and/or Windows Server
  • Install applications, programming languages, modules, and more at root/administrator level
  • Secure, isolated environment using hardened Virtuozzo technology
  • Dedicated RAM, CPU and IO Resources
  • Dedicated IP address(es)
  • Unlimited Emails, and User Accounts with FTP/ POP3/ IMAP/ Webmail
  • PHP , MySQL , ASP, .NET, MS SQL Server, Perl, Python, Plesk , Java, SFTP, SSH, SSL, FTP, Telnet and more
  • Customize /dev, /usr, /bin, /sys, etc
  • Manage DNS Zones and virtual hosts
  • Custom Firewall Rules
  • Set up Cron and Scheduled Jobs
  • Enjoy the benefits of a Dedicated Server!





Selecting Control Panels

The Control Panel is a web-based interface you can use to administer your domain accounts online. By following the various links in your Control Panel, you can configure your server, domains, Email accounts, FTP, SSH, databases, DNS, and various other applications.


Plesk 10.x is the latest release in the award-winning family of Plesk control panels. It is powered by the most comprehensive set of features available to hosting professionals today.



  • Plesk Desktop. Now administrators and clients have quick access to major management functions and they have immediate access to mission critical information and statistics. The task oriented design also allows administrators to create "favorites" and "shortcuts".
  • Customizable Templates. In this new release, administrators can customize templates that can be assigned to individual users. This dynamic new features makes the interface straight forward, easy to understand and intuitive.
  • Domain Aliases. This new feature lets domain administrators set up alternative domain names which act as nicknames for websites and e-mail addresses.
  • New Backup Utility. The improved backup/restore utilities let administrators backup and restore client accounts. Also, administrators can select which client's domains and information to backup/restore. Now domains can be completely restored with the properties they had during the backup. New Backup utilities allow administrators to restore from any version of Plesk which can be valuable for migration/upgrades. With the Plesk control panel, click an icon to:
        • Create a database
        • Create an email account
        • Install a site application
        • Create a client


  • Check out the Plesk Interface - see here for a live DEMO


Operating Systems

We believe in giving as much choice as possible. When you order a VPS from us, you will be allowed to choose from the available operating systems as below.


CentOS is a freely available Linux distribution which is based on Red Hat's commercial Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) product. This rebuild project strives to be 100% binary compatible with the upstream product, and within its mainline and updates, to not vary from that goal. Additional software archives hold later versions of such packages, along with other Free and Open Source Software RPM based packagings. CentOS stands for Community ENTerprise Operating System.

Ubuntu is a community developed operating system that is perfect for servers. Its built on the solid foundation of Debian which is known for its robust server installations and has a strong heritage for reliable performance and predictable evolution. Ubuntu is a low memory and disk footprint operating system with no compromise on agility and versatility.


    The Debian Project is governed by the Debian Constitution and the Social Contract which set out the governance structure of the project as well as explicitly stating that the goal of the project is the development of a free operating system. Debian is known for an abundance of options. The current stable release includes over twenty five thousand software packages. Prominent features of Debian are the APT package management system, repositories with large numbers of packages, strict policies regarding packages, and the high quality of releases. These practices allow easy upgrades between releases as well as automated installation and removal of packages.


Windows Server 2008 is the most advanced Windows Server operating system yet, designed to power the next-generation of networks, applications, and Web services. With Windows Server 2008, you can develop, deliver, and manage rich user experiences and applications, provide a highly secure network infrastructure, and increase technological efficiency and value within your organization.


New virtualization tools, Web resources, management enhancements, and exciting Windows 7 integration help save time, reduce costs, and provide a platform for a dynamic and efficiently managed data center. Powerful tools such as Internet Information Services (IIS) version 7.5, updated Server Manager and Hyper-V platforms and Windows PowerShell version 2.0 combine to give customers greater control, increased efficiency, and the ability to react to front-line business needs faster than ever before.



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Cloud Server Guarantee


  • 24 x 7 Technical Support
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee!
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All our cloud servers give you the power of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost!


With your VPS:

  • Full Root/SSH Access for Linux.
  • Full RDP Access for Windows.
  • Install custom applications.
  • Secured and isolated.
  • Dedicated IP address.
  • Unlimited Emails.
  • Unlimited Databases.
  • PHP, ASP, .NET, Perl, Python.
  • mySQL, MSSQL.
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