Downgrading from Dedicated Hosting to VPS Hosting

It is rather difficult to determine what kind of data and storage needs you will have if you have never done it before. In that case, it is definitely better to overindulge rather than lose traffic on the Web. However, now that you have definite statistics on which to base your opinion, it may be time to downgrade that dedicated server hosting to a more scalable VPS hosting solution.


The virtual private server is much more flexible of a solution than dedicated server hosting, which is usually only required in the case of an enterprise level business. On the small to mid size business level, traffic is not constant, and though you want to be able to handle the spikes, there has never been a need to pay for the unused portion when traffic is low.


The way to preserve your resources without losing anything is by a downgrade to the VPS hosting solution. A virtual private server gives you the same resources as a dedicated server. If you find that the virtual private server is not the solution for you, then you can upgrade slightly to the virtual private server (VPS) on the Cloud, a slightly more physically segregated environment.


There is also another scalable solution which is also dynamic (able to be changed in real time) which is called a cloud server. A cloud server is a virtual private server which is based in the cloud and provides even more flexibility for a business. Below are the key advantages to a cloud based virtual private server:


  • The server can be moved to completely different hardware
  • Additional hardware can be added in real time


What this means is that there is even less of a hardware load on your computers, no need to pay for constant updates, and no maintenance to be done on the client end.


Downgrading to a virtual private server also means that you can save money on internal IT as well. With a managed virtual private server the provider will be fully responsible for repairs and maintenance to the server, keeping you from having to pay an internal IT man or department to just sit there until something goes wrong.


As for the amount of data streaming, if this is a concern, you can get an unmetered virtual private server account. Unmetered virtual private server accounts are offered with no limit on the data that is transferred on a bandwidth line that is fixed.


You can also ask for the number of clients on a particular server. The virtual private server really only begins acting differently when there are a number of clients on the server, so much that the RAM and the disk space begins to be shared between clients too much. If the number of clients are kept to a minimum you have a better chance of having the space that you need to run at full dedicated server speed.


Overall, until your business grows into enterprise level territory, your money would be better served in marketing than in paying for the unused resources of a dedicated server. You can always move back up, and with another recession looming, it is smart to save every penny.


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