5 Reasons you should choose VPS for your CMS

Caught in a dilemma about what hosting plan or solution to choose for your CMS-based website? Out of all the solutions available today, VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is a very viable solution. But first, what exactly does a CMS-based website mean? Traditionally, websites were developed using web coding technologies like Java, .NET and PHP to a certain extent. Developers began to realize the redundant nature of some of the code snippets required when building websites and this is where the thought of a Content Management System or CMS was conceived. A CMS basically automates common tasks by providing ready made code snippets and drag-n-drop modules to speed up the process of website development.

Now that CMS is out of the way, let’s move to VPS. Virtual Private Server hosting is the middle path between economical yet feature-stripped shared hosting and feature-rich yet expensive dedicated server hosting. VPS effectively provides all the advantages of a dedicated hosting server by creating multiple virtual machines on a single physical server. While this may sound like shared hosting, each client has a dedicated virtual machine which has dedicated CPU, RAM, disk space and other resources. You can even custom install Cialis didnt work the first time an OS of your choice on your VPS server. So, if you do own a CMS-based cheap generic website or are planning to build one, here are the 5 reasons that should quell any doubts about opting for a VPS plan:

  • CMS websites are popularly used for eCommerce and online portals, government websites or online communities. Here, the speed of access and lower page loading times count. VPS ensures this via dedicated resources.
  • If you expect higher traffic, you can always scale up the resources allocated to you by your VPS hosting provider. This makes VPS extremely flexible in nature.
  • A VPS hosting plan allows you to host multiple website and create as many MySQL databases as you want on a single VPS server. This reduces cost and website management hassles.
  • VPS plans inevitably come with high security measures. Malware, hacker threats and other security issues are effectively thwarted with regular security updates and patches, as well as constant monitoring.
  • VPS hosting is also conducive to SEO or Search Engine Optimization needs as it leads to faster page loading times, provides dedicated IPs and private name servers.

Besides these, there are many other reasons why CMS hosting should always be done using VPS. Web hosting services providers these days have come up with a variety of VPS hosting plans to suit your needs. Getting online has never been this easy – build a website using a CMS and choose a VPS provider, and you are good to go!