Why you did not get income from your WordPress

Just now WordPress announced they got the brand new domain as .blog, so now after you build your WordPress with VPS hosting server, you could make your own domain  as a professional blogger which could lead people to remember you better.



No doubt WordPress is a great CMS for personal user or SME users, however if you would like to earn your life through your own WordPress, you still need to do a good preparation.

1.do not target everyone

It’s not a good choice to target everyone, although you think everyone could be your potential customers. Your WordPress could not reach everyone, even you dedicated all your time to broadcast your WordPress. Make a segment market, and then learn your customers’ behavior, in this case you could do a better targeted marketing and get more chance to turn your reader to be your customers.

2.your WordPress is too hard sell

Nowadays all the markets are base on the customers, not what the brand wants to say, if your WordPress is just doing one thing, selling yourself, then you will lose your customers. No one would like to read your hard-sell information, otherwise your customers will go off your WordPress, once they lose interest, then it will be really hard to get them back.

3.No products to make money

Generally speaking, most blogger will add the ADs to get some income, however that would not earn your life if your WordPress’ traffic is not high enough. Selling your own products is the right way for you to get more income, you could sell your skills or your professional service and so on.

4.Your WordPress could not draw their attention

Your reader won’t buy your services or products if they are not interested in your WordPress, you need to make them become a re-visitor first, after that you could get your chance to receive their purchase.

5.You think your customers will find you

No matter how wonderful your WordPress look, you still need to try your best to reach your readers first, instead of sitting there to wait for them. Make some strategies with both online and offline marketing, build up your different channels to reach more potential customers.

WordPress could be a wonderful tools for you if you use it in a right way.


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