Hosting your Server - the Deciding Factor!

Running a business? Confused what to use as a platform for hosting?Chill guys.. here’s how to do it. Deciding on a platform to host your server is the very first step towards setting up Virtual Server. On one hand, there is Windows platform; whereas Unix/Linux is on the other. Probably, you are confused which one to choose and what’s the great difference between the two.

Let us try to clear these clouds of confusion. Many companies prefer UNIX Platform (i.e. Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, CentOS, Ubuntu etc.) over Windows platform. This, in any way, does not pertain to the operating system you are using at your home or office. What you should remember is that this choice of an operating system relates to the computer system you will be hosting your site on. To get a better understanding, consider the root access account on a UNIX operating system that hosts your site; it is similar to an administrator account on Microsoft Windows.

Many a times we are a bit hesitant using a linux platform because of the very fact that we don’t have the skill sets or resources. But as a platform for many applications linux can be a more stable option. Less Bugs, Less

chances of Virus and crash proof to some extent. So don’t hesitate to switch because only doers do and change the world. So stop thinking…its time to do!!!

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