How do you know if you need VPS

So, your business is going great guns since you discovered the secret of online marketing and the necessity of having a website. What’s next? You most obviously have plans for growth and long term goals in mind. While these may be physically achievable, on the web front it might require some serious thought. When its dynamic online business growth we are talking about, VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is your best bet. There are multiple reasons for VPS hosting requirement. But how do you know if you really are in need of VPS hosting. Let’s see the clues or “omens” in Paulo Coelho’s words, one by one:

If you are thinking about creating or already have multiple websites – With a shared hosting plan, managing multiple websites can be a pain and a strain as all the server resources are shared between your web entities. VPS hosting, with its dedicated RAM, disk space and processing speed chunk will do justice to your websites

If your business is expanding – Suppose your marketing team comes up with a great strategy and you end up announcing a limited sale on your website, the number of users visiting your website might exponentially increase. With shared hosting you run the risk of website crashes. With VPS hosting, you can subscribe to additional resources any time and unsubscribe too.

If you plan to use dynamic content on your website – Plain HTML pages do just fine, but when we are talking about interactive widgets, flash animations and all the works; shared hosting will just not cut the deal. With the dedicated resources that VPS hosting offers and its ability to support dynamic content, your website is in good stead to sustain its existence.

If your site loading times have increased– It probably means you are eating up too many resources and your web hosting provider is trying to even out the playing field by being miserly. You can switch to VPS that comes with comes with guaranteed burstable RAM that helps keep your site loading and running times optimised.

If security threats are causing you to lose sleep – This is a constant nagging problem with shared hosting, especially if you run a site that involves a lot of data and business transactions. It might be a good idea to switch to VPS hosting as it comes with a variety of plans that allows you to add on a number of managed services including monitoring and security updates.

So in plain words, your VPS hosting requirement can be determined only by you and the tell-tale signs listed should set the alarm bells ringing in your heads. The need of VPS hosting is increasingly felt as it provides the best midway between dedicated and shared server hosting. It comes with almost all the bells and whistles of a dedicated website hosting plan, while still being more economical and cost-effective. So if you are already witnessing any of the above signs, just approach a reliable VPS hosting provider and get yourself an optimised plan.