How much traffic can cloud server hosting handle?

When it comes to selecting cloud computing services, it is necessary to keep a check on the budget and get an affordable service. This is important as costs need to be handled when running any business. Hosting is the first thing that tends to increase the cost of any business. These days, people tend to create websites for their business as Internet has become a great way to increase revenue and profits of the company. There are

many popular free services to create a website which include WordPress and Blogger but it is preferable to opt for thehosting services. Here, some points are highlighted that will explain what exactly is a cloud server and how it can help one’s business.

The shared web hosting service provides a single virtual hosting server which lets users to host more than one websites using shared hardware resources. When it comes to cloud computing platforms, it is essential to know the way to manage traffic that is caused due to website page weight. When a website has more page weights, it tends put load on the cloud server while providing the pages to the visitors. So, it is essential to ensure that the page weight of a website is less than 1 MB.

There is a tendency to think that when a web hosting service provides unlimited access, it means that the subscriber really gets unlimited service. In reality, there are limits on the internet speed, monthly bandwidth, disk storage, number of database and the traffic management. So, it is necessary to calculate the traffic that one’s website gets as well as how much the server can handle it.

In order to calculate the traffic a website gets, it is essential to get hardware resources that satisfy that website’s needs. This can be known by using simple calculations which will show the amount of traffic that one’s server can handle. There are many factors responsible for increasing the traffic of a website. Some of the major factors that can significantly affect the traffic of a website are its platform, number of plugins and applications, website software as well as uploading lots of files. This increases the processing time which leads to the shared web host server to slowdown.

As opposed to this, it is possible for a smaller sized website to have less web traffic issues and also load faster. So, it is preferable to create a small-sized website along with cache techniques to decrease the load of the server.