Linux server hosting or Window server hosting?

When in doubt, ask the expert! That’s an adage this article stands by. Which is why it discusses which type of hosting would be preferable for a website – Linux server hosting or Windows server hosting? While there’s a whole variety of hosting options available in the market including VPS hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated server and more, the real idea behind choosing a hosting service is to determine ‘what technology a website has been developed in or what platform it uses’. So, if a website has been developed on a Linux platform, Linux server hosting is the ideal option, whereas if it has been developed on the Windows platform, Windows server hosting is the way to go. While it may sound difficult to come to a decision about hosting options, it also helps to have a certain degree of technical knowledge about development platforms. But, if this technical knowhow is not available, it is always best to consult an expert. There’re distinct advantages to each server hosting technology; here are the advantages for each:

Windows Server


If a Windows operating system is chosen for the server, it:

· supports Microsoft development features and VB as well as .NET programming

· is more suited for stable upgrades to new resources with support for PHP and mySQL

· is perfect for websites driven by large databases and integrating a lot of interactivity

· is compatible with ASP and dynamic pages

· supports FrontPage for your UI design

· is simpler and more user-oriented

Linux Server Hosting:

A Linux operating system for the server brings the following advantages:

· Totally free operating system with an open source platform

· Highly flexible and has great security features

· Perfectly suited for small businesses or individuals

· Safety features make it a good bet for ecommerce portals

· Can be easily revamped to switch a website from Linux to Windows

· Supports popular databases

With all these advantages lined out, it is just question of discerning the operating platform of a website and then weighing the pros and cons of Windows servers and Linux servers. Each has its own distinct advantages that should suit different website types. Choose one of these and ensure that the website is stable, secure and has maximum uptime. There’s a large number of hosting providers to choose from, who provide state-of-the-art Windows server hosting and Linux server hosting.