Managed vs. Unmanaged VPS

In any shared network such as your office network, the most important element is the type of server used to manage traffic. This server takes care of all the data sharing, time allocations and feedback systems. Therefore, one must take into account all the parameters involved while choosing your hosting VPS.

There are mainly two types of servers, shared and private. Private servers are called VPS i.e. Virtual Private Server. This server can either be managed by in-house team of professionals or one can opt for an external technical team. When you have an in-house team which has some knowledge about the working of server, it is called unmanaged VPS. If you have outsourced this task to external professionals it is called managedVPS. In this case your company is not responsible to take care of your windows or Linux VPS.

Unmanaged VPS server is comparatively low cost option for hosting. It will require sufficient man power and skilled professionals

in your company who have technical knowledge to manage your VPS. For unmanaged VPS, server down-time is to be taken care of only once by Linux virtual private server provider, but after that you will be responsible for managing troubleshooting, arrangement, software issues etc.

For large scale businesses managing their network is very important. In such cases, the best way is to go for managed VPS, as it will keep your server on all the time. This means your web page is online all the time. Managed VPS Hosting is a perfect solution in scenarios where the customer does not have staff to handle core hosting related technical issues. In case of managed VPS Hosting you get expert professionals to administer and handle your server, so as a result you ascertain that your website is up all the time. This means your speed of operation will be faster and in case of any problem you will always have man power to cope with it. Once you have agreed upon the price for managed cloud you do not have to worry about server efficiency and troubleshooting. This system is effective for multi-regional hosting like Hong Kong hosting, Taipei hosting etc.

For better management and maintenance you must let professionals handle your network, so that you will be relieved of all the problems associated with VPS management.