Advantages of Cloud Server Hosting


When even an hour of IT system downtime can cost the organization more than it can afford to lose, what will the organization do in the event that a natural disaster destroys its IT systems completely? Here comes the Cloud Server Solution that will give access to critical business information and IT systems that are ...

Cloud Block Storage FAQs


What exactly is cloud block storage? Most of the people tend to prefer to get additional disk space without having to upgrade their entire cloud server. This is where cloud block storage comes into the picture. The cloud block storage ensures that the user’s cloud instance is attached to a virtual hard disk which can ...

Cloud Data Storage… No need to panic for Backups!!!


Ever had a problem with having backups on your external hard disk. Even there is a limit to what can be stored on hard disks and eventually you have to go by priority , what data to be stored and what to be deleted. Nonetheless there’s as they say there’s always a way out and ...

Factors to be considered when selecting a cloud technology


There’s a lot of buzz about cloud these days as the market is growing exponentially.Most businesses these days are switching over to the cloud hosting services in order to fulfill the needs of their businesses. The companies are finding the shared hosting services quite limited while when it comes to the dedicated servers they are ...

Benefits of cloud server for a small business


Setting a new business? Worried about IT infrastructure and maintenance? Don’t be..Cloud infrastructure is here.. Cloud technology is Internet-based wherein users are given the facility to store their data on a cloud server. In order to get this cloud storage, users need to get the cloud server hosting service by subscribing with a cloud service ...

FAQs on Cloud Server


1. What is cloud server hosting? Basically, cloud computing is nothing but a set of multiple servers that are connected over the Internet for delivering pooled computing resources that are needed on demand. As opposed to traditional hosting services that limit the use to a single server, the users can access multiple servers and scale ...

Common security myths for EHRs based on cloud computing


The cloud service is well-known in the tech circles as well as beyond it. Due to this, the cloud based applications have become a standard for the go-to business model that is used by software developers. In most cases, the cloud server hosting services are provided to the clients as Software-as-a-Service, more commonly known as ...

How much traffic can cloud server hosting handle?


When it comes to selecting cloud computing services, it is necessary to keep a check on the budget and get an affordable service. This is important as costs need to be handled when running any business. Hosting is the first thing that tends to increase the cost of any business. These days, people tend to ...

Building your ideal hybrid cloud


Do you get perturbed or intimidated when you come across words like Hybrid cloud or private cloud?Don’t be.. Hybrid cloud computing is a very effective advancement of the virtual server world and the scale-out deployment model. However, companies need to keep in mind that this revolutionary method isn’t suitable for all applications. A cloud server ...

Why hybrid cloud is the best?


雲端伺服器字如其意必然是跟雲端有關,跟虛擬伺服器不同的是雲端伺服器採用雲端技術,將你的伺服器寄存在雲端空間中不同的伺服器上,也就是說你的網站將在不同的雲端伺服器上操作,而跟單一的傳統伺服器不同,這樣就算你的網站出了問題,你也可以在雲端中迅速解決。 雲端伺服器的優勢: 靈活升級空間 雲端伺服器透過前瞻技術允許用戶按需調整自己的伺服器,也可以隨時升級跟降級自己的雲端伺服器,讓企業更加靈活地作出調整。 提高網站的上線率 在傳統的伺服器下,企業的網站若死機,一般也得等伺服器供應商來幫忙解決,相比之下雲端伺服器就大大減少了這種風險,因為雲端伺服器是分散寄存的。 資源靈活化 可隨時調整的雲端伺服器為企業帶來了更人性化的服務,企業可按自己的需求隨時調整及配置雲端伺服器的資源。 更重要的是雲端伺服器的價格還比專屬伺服器便宜,可功能遠勝於共享空間,也優於虛擬伺服器。