What is managed VPS

Got a business and want to tap into the extensive business potential available on the web? Getting a website is the way to go. But, having your own website comes with its set of responsibilities. One of them is finding a reliable hosting provider and managing the hosting functions. In the recent years VPS or Virtual Private Server has emerged as one of the most viable and optimum hosting options. A cheaper alternative as compared to dedicated hosting, VPS simulates the latter by procuring dedicated resources such as disk space, processor speed and RAM for your website by creating a virtual machine on the host server. This lets you gain complete control over the hosting functions. While, this may sound lucrative, there’s a catch as it also entails quite a bit of responsibility. This is where managed VPS comes in handy.

Managed VPS takes the middle path between shared VPS hosting and dedicated VPS hosting. It provides you with full root access so that you can control the changes your website needs. At the same time, it delegates the more time-consuming, effort-intensive tasks that need proper technical expertise to the VPS hosting provider. The task list that you may be able to totally skip includes stuff like installation of any software that you might deem necessary for your website. Upgrading the operating system of your server or applying security patches is another time-consuming task that needs to be done just right. Also included in the list is the very crucial task of monitoring your website’s performance and fighting off any impending bottlenecks and threats. But, if you choose managed VPS, all these tasks are entrusted to the VPS hosting provider.

The advantages of managed VPS are manifold:

Server OS installations – The correct installation of the server OS is very important. More important is when you wish to change it midway through a hosting service subscription, because it proves to be quite tough when done from a remote location. This task is handled by experts at the managed VPS hosting provider’s end.

Security updates – A live website is prone to attacks from hackers and security threats. With a managed VPS plan, the hosting provider offers free security and software updates for your server.

Server monitoring – A managed VPS hosting plan almost always comes with proactive server monitoring service that sniffs out potential threats and signs of malicious attacks, mis-configuration or hardware failure.

Server administration happy hours! – Most managed VPS hosting providers provide a set of hours where you can take control of your web server and with the help of the 24×7 support staff at the hosting providers’ end, carry out tasks, upgrades and updates.

So, the three clear-cut areas why you should opt for managed VPS hosting include administered updates & installation, security and monitoring. If given a proper thought, the amount of effort and time required to accomplish these tasks would be significant and may be beyond your capacity. And in today’s world, saving effort invariably translates to saving considerable financials per year. So what are you waiting for, hunt out a reliable managed VPS hosting provider and get yourself a subscription today!