What makes a good VPN?

You must be thinking about what is a VPN connection. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that provides an amazing blend between its features, server location, connectivity protocols as well as its price. These features benefit each person in a different way. This is the reason that some of its features can work great for occasional use while there are others that benefit people who need to do heavy downloading. We have given here some points that you need to check out when selecting VPN service.

1. Protocol

When we talk about VPN, various terms come up such as SSL/TLS, PPTP, IPSec, L2TP and other such types of VPN. SSL is the most used type of VPN these days as it provides a secure connection. The solutions provided by the VPN are not visible to the end-user so it becomes an added advantage for the user. Due to this advantage of VPN, users are mostly not concerned about the benefits and drawbacks that each protocol gives. Since, you want to know about

the benefits and drawbacks; we would like to tell you that in most cases, PPTP has vulnerabilities. Conversely, the IPSec or SSL clients are mostly used by corporate users.

2. Corporate and Exit Locations
The service location and the exit locations are of vital importance when choosing the best VPN service. The location restriction on a VPN service needs to be removed if you want to watch live TV in UK but it is essential that your service provider’s servers are present in UK. You could do so only if the UK laws allow it or it could be considered piracy or state-sponsored snooping. So, the best way would be to ensure that your VPN has servers at various locations.

3. Logging

Even though VPN provides secure communications which makes it strong, there are times

when the operator can log your data. If you are not comfortable trusting your data with anyone then it is better for you to check out the service provider’s logging policies before signing up. You could also go for a VPN provider that doesn’t keep logs of the locations at which the user is using the service.

4. Anti-Malware/Anti-Spyware Features
VPN does offer secure connection but don’t rely too heavily on it. You could try using HTTPS whenever you can for

added security. You need to also keep a check on the things you download. There are some VPN providers that ensure that malicious viruses or trojans are not being downloaded by coupling their clients with anti-malware scanners. So, when you are trying to subscribe with a VPN provider, make sure that they provide anti-malware protection. The Hotspot Shield is known to provide its premium users with the malware protection.

5. Mobile Apps

You should make sure that the VPN service provider you are taking VPN from provides consistent experience worldwide. This should be taken care of especially if you are signing up VPN for mobile devices. Apart from this, you need to take care that you don’t sign up for more than one VPN service that has two different policies and agreements.

6. Price

You need to ensure that when you sign up for a VPN service, you read the user agreement and the privacy policy carefully. There are various differences between the paid and free services so you need to see that carefully as well. The free VPN providers usually log into your activities and give contextual ads only when you are connected. It provides less privacy with fewer exit locations and will give future ads based on your usage habits. This option serves as the best for people who are looking for quick and easy security that is available at low price. Conversely, the subscription VPN providers give better privacy and doesn’t show any ads when you use the service. This service might give logging and data storing facility based on your usage. It also enables users to try out the free trial which you can use to before going for the paid service.

You can get a good VPN if it has an appropriate blend of features and price but you need to be careful as there are many bad VPN that come across as good ones. You need to research about the service you are subscribing for by going through the articles written by trustworthy sources. Such articles will tell you accurately about the merits and demerits of that service and its features. It is preferable if you don’t refer the user testimonials for the VPN service as they tend to be misleading.
We would like to tell you that selecting a VPN should be done carefully. When you choose any VPN service, make sure that it suits your needs accurately. Also ensure that you do good research about the service and its service provider before subscribing for any VPN service.