Which domain should startup/SME choose?

Choosing a domain is just like naming your babies, you could not causally just give them a name, you should make your decision reflectively. What’s more, since there are so many websites around the world, the domains which come to you mind may be already gone, so what could startup and SME do?



1.Use your brand name

Normally most companies will use their brand to name their domain, however if your brand’s name has already existed, you have to choose another one. In this case you could choose some related words to your brand, such like the type of your business, or the image of your brand, but do not make it too complicated, otherwise it’s not convenient for the users to type and remember.

2.Make it easy to read

Domain is the gate to open your website, if your domain is too long and complex, then your visitor will lose their way in the internet. Just make your domain easy to read and type, so your users will not type it wrong.

3.Make more choice

No doubt thinking a domain is hard, but you should know there is not only you who will make the decision for the domains, normally the first one came to your mind has been taken, hence you need to prepare more domains for choosing.

4.Try your style

Sometimes all the domains that you think have been taken, you are going to be mad of that, in this regards you may use your style to create one domain for your style, such like google.

5.Try different suffixes

If the domain you choose has been already taken by .com, you could still try other suffixes such like .co, .net, .hk, and so on. Different suffixes could give you another chance, check the list to seek which one is still available.

Although deciding the domain is quite hard, a good domain could lead you more business chance, don’t be afraid of making your decision.


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