What Virtualization do you use?
For our Flexi Cloud Servers, we use XEN as our virtualization technology.

What are the Operating Systems I can install? Can I upgrade the OS?
For our Flexi Cloud Servers, we provide multiple flavours of Linux Operating System (CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Redhat) and Windows Operating System (Windows 2008 Server – Web / Standard / Enterprise).
Your Cloud Virtual Machine is created with your choice of Operating System and you can modify or install any system files as per your requirement. You can also upgrade the operating system as you need.

Can I customize my Virtual Machine Resources?
YES! That is the highlight of our Flexi Cloud Server. After you sign up, we will provide you access to a Control Panel to manage all your Virtual Machines. From the Control Panel dashboard, you can specify your own resources such as RAM, SAS Disk Space, CPU, and Operating System; and within seconds your Cloud Virtual Machine will be deployed.

How many Virtual Machines can I create?
From your Control Panel, you can deploy as many VM’s as you like; each with its own customized resources such as RAM, SAS Disk Space, CPU and Operating System.

Operating System Licenses
For Linux Operating System, there is no license cost from our side, and you will have to obtain your own license from Redhat.
For Windows Operating System, prices are inclusive of License cost on an hourly basis.

Can I manage my Virtual Machines?
YES! With your control panel you can manage all aspects of your Cloud Servers.

  • Create Virtual Machine / Destroy Virtual Machine
  • Start/Stop/Restart/Suspend Virtual Machine
  • Resize / Rebuild
  • Manage Backups
  • Manage Autoscale Options
  • Manage Network Configuration and Firewall
  • View Resource Usage
  • Migrate / Password / SSH Keys

How do I know my monthly usage?
From your Control Panel, you can see resource consumption for all your Virtual Machines even if they have been destroyed or disabled. You can monitor CPU usage, RAM Usage, Storage, Backups, Bandwidth and much more. We keep data for up to 3 months so you can always view historical data for earlier months.

What is the USP about your Flexi Cloud Servers?
Apart from complete customization of resources and hourly billing on a pay-as-you-go usage, you can also setup Autoscale configuration, which can add more resources on demand, automatically. You can also set up your own Load Balancer (for a minimum of two virtual machines) so you can balance your website load when you have heavy traffic. You can also setup your own backup and take snapshots. And off course, once you have configured your VM with the right settings, Operating System and application, you can save your Flexi Cloud Server into a VM image which you can deploy over and over again to another Virtual Machine Instance!

Do you have API that I can interface my SaaS application with?
YES! We have a whole list of API functions that you can use to deploy Cloud Servers as well as manage them. This is perfect for SaaS application providers or Resellers if you would like to bundle our Cloud Hosting VM’s with your Application. For more details on using our API, Contact us.

When and how do I get billed?
For our Flexi Cloud Servers, we will bill you based on your usage at the end of month. You will receive a bill totalling all your Hourly Resource Usage (RAM, CPU, Storage, Bandwidth, Backups) in the month for all your deployed Flexi Cloud Servers.

Why is the HK $300 signup amount required if you only charge based on usage?
For the first time signup of your account, you need to pay HK$ 300 as a signup credit. The HK$ 300 will be used completely for credit and this can be deducted from your bill at the end of the 1st month.

Why don’t you offer 14-days-money back guarantee like your other products?
Instead of the 14-days-money back guarantee, we are offering a full HK$ 300 credit to your account when you signup.

Can I get a trial account for your Flexi Cloud Servers?
YES! We can offer you a trial account. Simply fill out this form and submit to us to evaluate your trial application.
Trial Account

How can I test the Bandwidth?
You can download a 10MB file to test our speed.
Download Test File

What is your Uptime and Service?
We deploy all our servers on high-availability infrastructure. This means that we can offer you a 99.9% uptime guarantee to make sure that your Flexi Cloud Servers are running well. We also have redundant Cloud Server Host Servers for failover in case of any issues with our main server. We take pride in the quality of our service and will respond to all your queries promptly.

What kind of Support is included in your Flexi Cloud Servers?
We provide Basic Support and Managed Support for our Flexi Cloud Servers.

With Basic support we make sure that your control panel is working fine and that your virtual machines can be deployed. Due to your full root access and the configurations you make, we cannot make sure that your virtual machine is running fine.

With Managed support, we also include help in configuring system level settings and help with some application configurations. We do not support coding or programming of your application. We can also help troubleshoot problems you may be facing when you deploy your application on your Flexi Cloud Servers.

More Questions?
If you have more questions you can:

All this is just great! What do I do next?
We are confident you will be satisfied with our Flexi Cloud Servers. Your next step is to simply signup now and deploy your Cloud Server in a matter of seconds!


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