Plesk Panel was launched in 2003, later than cPanel but has earned a large community of users. It can run on both Linux and Windows servers.

cPanel is the most-used server control panel and was released in 1996.

Panels Plesk cPanel
Operating System Windows Server (2012), Linux (CentOS/CloudLinux/RedHat/Ubuntu/Debian, openSUSE) Linux (CentOS/CloudLinux/RedHat)
Monthly license $5 (10 domains) to $35 (dedicated server) $45
Annual license $385 $425

Which of the 2 Control Panels is a better option for our business?

Both Plesk and cPanel have their unique strengths and weaknesses, so it is important you are aware of them, in order to make an informed decision.

Plesk Panel Pros

Linux and Windows Server

Both Linux and Windows Server can have Plesk control panel installed on them making it convenient for businesses that use both. Further, you can switch Plesk from one to another.

Easy for beginners

Plesk has a simple design and is easy to navigate which reduces learning time for beginners. With its clean functionality, users can start managing the hosting quickly. At the same time, there are a lot more for features available for developers and advanced users.

Plesk Panel Cons

Single login for users and admins

Unlike cPanel, Plesk does not offer a separate WHM panel for server administrators; it just has a Single login for users and admins which can confuse beginners.

Needs more space to backup

Using Plesk to backup your website will consume more space with time, so your server may easily run out of space.

cPanel Pros

Since cPanel has a longer history, more users are familiar with cPanel.

Multiple Domain Support

Users can manage different domain accounts with one cPanel account.

Well-developed plugins

Since cPanel has a longer history, there are a lot of plugins available to make cPanel more functional.

Allows users to restart services

cPanel allows the users to restart services, such as FTP, DNS, POP3, and SSH.

cPanel Cons

No support for Windows

cPanel can only be used with CentOS/ReadHat Linux, there is no support for Windows users.

Not easy to Migrate to Plesk Panel

Although you could migrate your website from cPanel to Plesk, it is not easy to do so as it’s a completely manual process.


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