VPS vs Shared vs Dedicated

Major Benefits of VPS Hosting.

  • Save hundreds of dollars when compared to dedicated server hosting.
  • Avoid the performance problems of ‘regular’ virtual hosting and get root level control over your hosting.
  • Keep your Code and Data Safe. Other web hosts may offer shared VMs where your programs run inside the same process as other site’s programs. This is very insecure. It potentially exposes your applications, passwords, and your data.
  • Our Virtual Private Server (VPS) is private. This means that your code, data and application are as secure as they can be.
  • Our infrastructure is on the CLOUD. This means that your VM can upgrade and provision resources on demand!

Shared Hosting vs Virtual Private Server (VPS) vs Dedicated Servers

Root/Administrator User Login
Dedicated CPU and Disk IO
Install Applications
Configure Application Setup
Customize system folders
Add Users
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Host Multiple Websites
Unlimited Databases
Dedicated IP Address
Custom Firewall Rules
Secured from other users
Dedicated sendmail
Set up Cron Jobs Some Hosts
Server/OS Maintenance and
updates by hosting provider
Some Hosts
Instant Upgrades and Provisioning
of Resources such as RAM and HD
– Hosting on the Cloud
Some Hosts
High Availability – Hosting on the Cloud
Cost $ $$ $$$

Virtual Private Servers offer a good balance between total control (Root Access privilege) and an affordable budget. Having a VPS account is just like operating a dedicated server, at a fraction of the cost!

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