Linux VPS hosting or Windows VPS hosting


Dedictaed servers have been known for providing maximum hosting capabilities, but lately the invasion of virtual private servers has made the abilities in terms of perfromance and power available at a cost that is a fraction of the cost for dedicated servers.

Managed VPS


In order to stay in business in today’s highly competitive global market, it necessary for companies to streamline every aspect of their processes and services in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Now days the biggest marketer for all you wants to sell is internet. Being online is one of the assets that provide ...

Cloud Computing unleashing your potential


For the technologist, cloud computing represents a commodious opportunity to drive infrastructure efficiencies. Additionally the architectural principles behind cloud offer a completely new business models which, in cases, offers a significant economic benefit. The data centre functions as the fundamental building block for cloud computing. Besides, there is a common layer, it is based on ...

Linux Performance tips


Making your VPS (Virtual Private Server) server as responsive as possible is one of the most demanded queries to be addressed on all forums. VPS servers by built have limited system resources allotted to each virtual server, for instance the allotted RAM is often less than 1 , hence getting the best performance out of ...