Linux server hosting or Window server hosting?


When using a website for business, it is very important to figure out hosting needs and zero in on a good hosting provider. This article talks about how Linux server hosting and Windows server hosting can prove to be a beneficial option for a website. While Linux server hosting is perfectly suited for websites developed on that platform, websites developed on the Windows platform can go with Windows server hosting. This article further discusses the advantages that Linux servers and Windows servers bring to the table. It is aimed at helping individual reach a decision about their web hosting needs.

What applications to be run on VPS?


A Virtual Private Server or VPS is one of the most in-demand contemporary technologies due to its inherent advantages and low cost. It not just allows small and medium businesses maintain virtual dedicated servers at low costs, but also affords a high degree of reliability, control and scalability. This article describes what kind of applications can be installed and executed on a virtual private server. It also segregates applications into core apps and other important applications that can be installed on a VPS, while providing the basic benefits attached with opting for a virtual private server hosting service.

Why choose Cloud computing for small Businesses


甚麼是雲端伺服器? 雲端伺服器跟虛擬伺服器有著相類似的伺服器環境,不過雲端伺服器跟虛擬伺服器最大的不同點是雲端伺服器並不像虛擬伺服器那樣把所有資源都放在同一個實體伺服器上,而是採用雲端寄存方法寄放在不同的實體伺服器上,也就是說你可享有每一台實體伺服器上更多的資源,中小企可依據網站流量隨時調整自己的雲端伺服器資源。 雖然雲端伺服器比虛擬伺服器看起來靈活不少,但雲端伺服器並不像虛擬伺服器般富有個性化的彈性。 雲端伺服器比較適合需靈活雲端寄存空間的中小企,允許網站站長隨時依網站流量而做出相應的資源調整。

Top 3 Trends in Cloud Computing


Anyone with the slightest semblance of knowledge about the internet and computers would have come across multiple instances of cloud computing being one of the hotly discussed topics. In this era, where everyone necessarily wants to have an online identity, technologies and concepts like managed VPS hosting, reseller hosting programs and a lot of other ...