Gift WordPress to Your Blog


WordPress is one of the easiest blogging software available on the internet. It is a Linux-based application. The installation is very easy and user friendly. It also provides an open source online community. WordPress facilitates a broad online network offering free addons, plugins, applications and several other usual softwares. Few advanced control panels such as ...

A blogger? Look for high functionality and equipment by hosting your blog on a VPS platform


Around the clock, the blog is something that stimulates communication globally. It abridges the interaction gap, something that personifies your thoughts writing research essays to speak to the world. Yet another striking feature is buy essay online to interlock interests, share and satiate reader’s appetite. Imparting advantages to its maximum, you would want to expand ...

What use is a Plesk control panel?


Plesk is the only tool you’ll ever need to build, secure and run your website or web applications. The integrated WordPress toolkit on Plesk Web Pro and Plesk Web Host editions helps secure and easily manage multiple WordPress instances, plugins and themes on a single server, making a web professional’s life much easier.

How long would it take to create POP3 email accounts?


A Plesk control panel is an automated, commercial web hosting program, allowing the user to create new websites and e-mail accounts. The package additionally facilitates DNS entries via a web-based interface. Also, a Plesk control panel ensures that the user can produce templates that assist in tracking the amount of resource allocation required for the ...

So why use a VPS hosting solution?


The first and the biggest advantage of a VPS Hosting server is the amount of time it takes for setup can be calculated in minutes. Apart from quick set up, there is an added advantage of no maintenance for the system as VPS does it all. Generally, on account of hardware failure, recovery of loss ...

Underlining the detailed aspects on Windows application


Are you still thinking about finer details? Well, the truth lies in the details. You need use a Windows platform,when you are using applications such as MS SQL. Again, this can be worked upon if you are not running Windows, simply by converting your database to MySQL. Also, Windows are worth web hosting on, with ...

Linux or Windows – Who Performs Better!


在選擇伺服器時,你總能看到 Linux 跟 Windows 不同的操作系統,不少人都會在糾結伺服器到底是應該選擇 Linux 操作系統呢,還是 Windows 操作系統呢,選擇不同的系統對寄存的網站又是否有影響呢?通常在選購虛擬伺服器或專屬伺服器時,用戶都需要在 Linux 操作系統或 Windows 操作系統間做出選擇。 那麼為甚麼選 Linux 還是 Windows 操作系統顯得那麼重要呢? 每一台伺服器都需要他們自己的操作系統,而當中可選的就是 Linux 或 Windows 操作系統,兩個系統的伺服器都可以用來寄存網站,不同之處是無論你選擇 Linux 操作系統還是 Windows 操作系統,這都會影響與系統交互的方式,如管理控制台 cPanel 還是 Plesk 的不同。 例如一些不同的 CMS 在 Linux 跟 Windows 不同的操作系統上所加載的速度也會不同,所以當你在選擇伺服器時,你需要了解哪個伺服器比較適合你的應用程式。比起 Windows 操作系統,Linux 伺服器的自定義選項比較多,比較適合開發者或系統管理員。 Linux 和 Windows 伺服器的區別 當選擇伺服器時,大多數人都會推薦 Linux 操作系統,也確實 Linux 操作系統是如今最受歡迎的伺服器操作系統,但並不是說 Windows 伺服器就不好。 Linux 伺服器 Linux ...

Shifting Gears — from old to new web hosting provider!


Would you like to switch over to a new web hosting service provider and that too without going off the web world? You might think it is unbelievable; but it is easy. Here’s how you can do it. Simple and easy steps to follow: Before you chuck out the previous web hosting service provider, get ...

Hosting your Server – the Deciding Factor!


Running a business? Confused what to use as a platform for hosting?Chill guys.. here’s how to do it. Deciding on a platform to host your server is the very first step towards setting up Virtual Server. On one hand, there is Windows platform; whereas Unix/Linux is on the other. Probably, you are confused which one ...