5 Reasons you should choose VPS for your CMS


Caught in a dilemma about what hosting plan or solution to choose for your CMS-based website? Out of all the solutions available today, VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is a very viable solution. But first, what exactly does a CMS-based website mean? Traditionally, websites were developed using web coding technologies like Java, .NET and PHP to a certain extent. Developers began to realize the redundant nature of some of the code snippets required when building websites and this is where the thought of a Content Management System or CMS was conceived. A CMS basically automates common tasks by providing readymade code snippets and drag-n-drop modules to speed up the process of website development.

How do you know if you need VPS


So, your business is going great guns since you discovered the secret of online marketing and the necessity of having a website. What’s next? You most obviously have plans for growth and long term goals in mind. While these may be physically achievable, on the web front it might require some serious thought. When its ...

Difference between managed and unmanaged VPS


VPS or Virtual Private Server is an excellent hosting option for small businesses as well individuals wanting to setup their own website. This article discusses the two kinds of VPS hosting services that one can opt for; managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. It also describes the difference between the two and explains the advantages and disadvantages of each.