Cloud Block Storage FAQs

What exactly is cloud block storage?

Most of the people tend to prefer to get additional disk space without having to upgrade their entire cloud server. This is where cloud block storage comes into the picture. The cloud block storage ensures that the user’s cloud instance is attached to a virtual hard disk which can be used later to add more volumes.

Is it possible to backup cloud storage volumes?

It is very easy to create backups of the block storage volumes for which one needs to create snapshots or images of the storage. Depending upon the size of the data, backups can take up to 5 seconds. It is essential to choose the best cloud block storage in order to get the best storage services.

How much volume size can be created using the block storage?

The block storage enables users to get disk space as per their requirement. The block storage providers enable to add hundreds of volumes within a minute provided the user’s quota is large enough. It is preferable to opt for cloud server providers in Asia to get the best block storage services.

What is the maximum capacity of cloud block storage that a single customer account can use by default?

The cloud block storage enables users to get volumes and storage capacity of 10 TB or 50 volumes per region. The total storage capacity depends on whether the terabyte storage or the volumes per region is utilized first.

Does the user’ data stay hidden when the hard drive space is returned to the general pool by the cloud block storage?

When the hard drive space is returned to the general pool, the cloud block storage system overwrites over the used portions by putting zeros. This is done before that hard drive space is returned to the pool so that it is readily available for other cloud block storage users.