Exclusive offers for small businesses

Who doesn’t love being treated in a special way? Offers, discounts and bargains are a loved thing across age groups and across industries. But, if you are a small business owner, you have to love these awesome VPS hosting offers that we bring to you. We are one of the best Hong Kong web hosting companies and bring these exclusive offers especially for small businesses so that they can reap maximum benefits from our cost-effective and cutting-edge services.

Being a hosting company, we have the privilege of customizing our VPS Hong Kong hosting offers and after keen research; we have come out with the following:

Low Cost Linux VPS hosting on the Cloud

This offers lets you subscribe to Linux virtual private server hosting service for as low as HK$ 90 per month. With this, your website is powered by resources including RAM up to 8 GB and up to 200 GB of hard disk space. We also promise that if you don’t like our service, you can have all your money back!

14-day Money Back Guarantee
No matter what cloud VPS hosting you subscribe to from us, we are sure that you will appreciate our professionalism and the quality of our offerings. But, just in case you aren’t happy with your Hong Kong VPS hosting services, we will return your money. This applies to all new customer signups and to the first package being purchased from us.

Free Hosting and Migration
Can’t switch now because you are already subscribed to another Hong Kong web hosting company? Take the decision now and switch to our high-quality Hong Kong web hosting services, and we will help you migrate all your data to our cloud server.

In addition to this, we will serve you for the remainder of your contract period without charging a single buck! Yes, you heard it right; totally free! All your need to do is provide us with a valid contract or invoice for your existing cloud hosting, and we are good to go!

With all these exciting offers from us that are tailor-made to increase the efficiency of your business while effectively reducing costs, what are you waiting for! Go ahead and choose one these offers today!