Website latency : Why is It important to have low latencies!!!

Fed up with the ‘loading….’ alert on your screen? The long visible delays are always frustrating and irritating and gives a negative impression to your customers if your websites are not hosted on faster machines with low latencies. And proximity i.e. the distance of your website visitors from the data center is one of the major reasons for such web latencies. It is very much a possibility that some of your visitors might face a delay in accessing your web pages since the internet itself is a globe in scope. To put it in a nutshell no matter how fast your hardware is , because of your websites geographical location your viewers might have to face delays.

One of the things which can be done is to scale up your website in a strategic manner instead of having heavy pages in a single go and optimise it as your business grows but that too is not a full proof solution. The good news is we at Asia web services Ltd have the capabilities to optimise the carriers with your internet service providers and reduce latencies accordingly. Be it Asia, Americas or Europe , we have optimised with many ISPs like Level 3 , TATA, Amsterdam Internet Exchange , PCCW, HKIX , China telecom just to name a few. So it doesn’t matter where you are located , our customized web hosting services can always do the trick for you!!! There are many online tools available as well but again these are not long term solutions. Low latencies mean faster browsing and hence better experiences for your customers thus increasing your overall business value.