What is VPN?

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is nothing but a secure network that is created over a public network or a private network. The VPN server is mostly used by large corporations, educational institutions as well as government agencies. The VPN service enables the users to take advantage of the VPN technology that can be used to securely connect the remote users to a private network. Like Wide Area Network (WAN), the VPN also connects various sites over a large geographic area. So, if you are trying to extend your network worldwide then you can use VPN to expand your intranet. The VPN service can also be used in

educational institutions for connecting all the campuses around the world. The fact that a user needs to be authenticated to be able to access the private network makes for the strong VPN network. This security feature requires the user to have an authentication token for which a personal identification number (PIN) needs to be entered. The PIN is an authentication code that changes frequently. Apart from PIN, VPN also gives the user with a unique identification and a password that enhances the security provided by the VPN server. These security tools help in protecting the virtual, private connections and the data that is stored

by the VPN host on the virtual server.

VPN is generally used for file sharing, video conferencing and many other network services. Even though VPN is used for long distance, these services are available at fairly cheaper rates. VPN can not only work on public network but it can also work on the private networks. VPN uses the tunneling method that requires the same hardware which is being used for the existing Intranet or Internet links. The VPN technologies support three different modes of use.

Internet VPNs for Remote Access

Currently, there is an ever-increasing need of employees to stay connected with their corporate offices. So, VPN gives remote and secure access to the companies through the Internet. This setup uses the client-server design to give access to the virtual server.

VPNs for Internetworking

VPN service not only provides remote access to the server but also lets an entire network to be connected to the other. The companies who are planning on extending their intranet can make use of this VPN feature. The VPN server to VPN server connection is used to bridge two networks together.

Intranet/Local Network VPNs

Sometimes VPN is needed to control the access for individual subnets in a private network. This is done by the VPN server which behaves like a network gateway to connect with the VPN clients.

We hope that our information helps you in clearing your doubts about the VPN service. You can stay tuned in to this section to know more about VPN.